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I know most everyone has DVD by now
But I've a few VHS I want to get rid of. $5 each $2 to ship.

American Beauty
Scarlett (2 piece set, I want $9 total for this one)
Steel Magnolias
Gone with the Wind (same as with Scarlett)
Rose Red (2 set)
Soap (the tv series)
The Private Lives of Henry VIII
Shrek 2
Boogie Nights
Legends of the Fall
Dark Crystal
Pretty Woman
O Pioneers
First Wives Club
Color Purple
Ever After

I'm taking commissions, anyone interested?
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Little Nemo

Feel free to pass this along

What's all this you ask? Well, I still need to raise money (my son _tarquin_'s 16th birthday and the moving of the new mobile home) so I'm now offering reproduction "French" postcards. Post card back, and the front carries a vintage nude or "adult" photo reproduction or you can choose to have "G-rated" pictures of famous actresses of the Edwardian Broadway era.. Arlette Dorgere and Camille Clifford are just a couple I have.

Nude postcards are $3 each or 5 for $10
Actress or clothed cards are $2 each or 5 for $8

Custom are image specific like all corsets, or all nun. Add 50 cents each for requested images.

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Little Nemo
Good news on the trailer front. Sort of anyhow. LL is willing to take what I have, towards trailer and move, and then take payments. It's only a difference of around $400 I'm hoping. Either way, I'm going to be trading all the things listed here over to eBay in the next few days. So now is your chance to get these items before I have to raise the prices on them.

Now on to patterns for people. I'll be adding to this so put it on your notify feature please.
Ruby red slippers
NON CC PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE! Trying to raise money and not lose to fees. Thanks!! :)
8249 Sz 26W-32W (uncut) envelope is a bit battered $8
8249 Sizes 18W-24W $15.00
9650 Tudor men's accessories (this is the Henry VII pattern now
discontinued) (uncut ripped envelope) Size S,M,L $15.00
9058 Sizes 6,8,10,12 (uncut)
9058 (envelope is pretty battered but pattern is uncut) Size
14-16-18-20 $8.00
9966 (gypsy) (uncut) 14,16,18,20 $8.00
8715 Size 16-18-20 $8.00
7756 (maid and noble dresses) size 4-6-8 (uncut) $8.00
7756 Size 10-12-14 (uncut) $8.00
9228 (Ever After dress) sizes 18W-24W $20.00
8881 (Shakespeare in Love dress) (uncut) 6-8-10-12 $20.00
8881 (Shakespeare in Love dress) (uncut) 14-16-18-20 $20.00
7761 (troubadour clothing) (cut but complete) XS,S,M,L,XL $3.00
7761 (uncut) $8.00
8108 ("bible" clothing) Sizes xs-s-m-l-xl $5.00

5655 Size 14-16-18 (uncut)

I am not posting pictures, so you'll have to look these up. Please don't say "I can't find them" and I hate to be a snot, but please, if you feel the need to say "But I can buy this at XXXX for 99 cents", then by all means go do so. I think you may have some trouble finding the out of print ones however. But hey, feel free to look.

The rest below are mundane patterns or not SCA era patterns I link if I think the pattern is unique enough, otherwise, same as above, go look it up.

All below are uncut and $3 each
New Look  6406 Skirts and lettuce hem blouses size 10-22
Butterick BP168 Bags and totes
Simplicity 8851 Naughty nurse and other costumes size 14-20
See and Sew 6324 Pants and duster size 20-24
Simplicity 8750 Stevie Nicks style clothing for the pseudo goths out there. Size 16-20
Butterick 8294 More short skirted wench clothing o/s
Simplicity 8838 Children's fairy costume Size 3-8

Simplicity 4349 Shawls and coats $8
Hot Patterns dot com Plain and Simple Bootcut pants OOP $12 size 6-14 (will consider trade on the curvy girl size)
Hot Patterns Demin Dive Classic Bootcut pants $12 size 6-14 (will consider trade on the curvy girl size)

Heid Marsh 1859 Ladies working dress in size 12-14 from Godey's. uncut $20
Authentic Patterns Inc #323 (I've used it for lolita stuff) uncut OOP $25

Home decorating patterns

Simplicity 4532 Mock canopy beds $8
Simplicity 5315 Mock canopy with curtains, spread and pillows and other items. $8
Simplicity 5126 Round canopy on hoop 5 designs $8

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Doll patterns Doll patterns

Vogue Craft
For Barbie size
9867 Marie Antoinette and Josephine Bonaparte
7190 Linda Carr vintage clothes
9686 Vintage Barbie
9759 Victorian Fashions
(all above are cut)

Gene (15.5 size dolls)
7290 40's style gowns (cut)
7105 Suit (uncut)
7106 Evening gown (uncut)
7223 Marylin style dress and coat a nd suit (uncut)

American Girl

7654 Accessories

Simplicity Patterns

8957 wedding dress and others (barely cut)

Gene (15.5" size dolls)

9317 Theresa Laquey (uncut)
9316 Couture clothes (uncut)
9049 Wardrobe (cut)


Barbie Size

9115 both cut, full wardrobes

AG size
2159 Easter and Communion dresses

Fancy Frocks cut # 2028 for size 18" and 20" (AG and My Twin) cut

Authentic Patterns Inc. Square Dance Doll pattern.

Will take bids from $40 and up.


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lots of tits

I don't have the book to it, but the jar is still cute as heck. $10 shipped.

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So, I've added a shiny new ticker to my profile page. I am really hoping to make the entire moving costs. So anyone that can help, please do.

Booze related items.

Johnny Walker Banners Johnny Walker Banners

Red and black. Together only. $30
1930"s Flashed Silver Cocktail Set 1930's Flashed Silver Cocktail Set

6 cups, glass stirring rod, and large pitcher. $40
Mikey Hand Tin Pot Sign Mikey Hand Tin Pot Sign

Tin sign. Home Grown. $5
Smirnoff Tin Sign Smirnoff Tin Sign

Tin sign, $20
Bacardi Banners Bacardi Banners

Satin, 4 total. Apple, orange, vanilla, raspberry. $15 each or all 4 for $30.



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