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Thanks wyldemusick for passing this one. Who   is upset but then he's a bigger fan than I be.

Up in arms over the new Mary Jane collectible.

What do I think? Get  over it. It's a 6" high plastic figure. About someone who isn't real. She's Spiderman's girlfriend. Horny teenage boys the world over are now down on their knees thanking God (with their tongues out) that there are 40 year old horny men out there who want to make Mary Jane (a rather suspicious name if you ask me anyhow) a hot little number being a domestic goddess. I for one know two men, who would be all over this figuring faster than it takes  Memphis Raines to steal a car. Sure, the outfit is kinda silly, but I've worn pearls with jeans. Are the fashion police going to hunt me down? Pearls go with anything. In fact, they go best on warm skin. Should they sit in a drawer? Do I think the position is suggestive? Of course. Don't be stupid. Spiderman likes MJ cause she's hot. You should too. I've read the comics, and I've seen the movies. I don't recall even once where Peter Parker says "Golly gee Mary Jane, you have the hottest brain EVER!! Want to go study??" No. He fell in love with her because she was hot. Spiderman and Peter Parker being the most down to earth of super heroes knows it's all about the booty. Mad cause she's bent over washing his spidey suit? Well, normally, I'm sure she tosses it in the washer, but today she decided she wanted to hand wash such a delicate item. After all the last time she threw it in the washer, it shrank and all the villains laughed at poor Spidey with his too  short tights and arms around his elbows. Green Goblin is still giggling when they meet.

And I would agree. At least it's not Aunt May.


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(Deleted comment)
Well, the government says torture is OK and people don't seem to disagree. And it's ok to be stalked by your gubbmint.

And yeah, it's a tacky little statue, but there is more crucial shit out there.

Like hentai statues.

Actually, the name Mary Jane is meant to be suspicious.

They named her Mary Jane intentionally because of the irony of a girl with a "girl next door" name being a spitfire who lives life her own way.

Not to mention that she made her first appearance in the 1960s, and Mary Jane is a euphemistic nickname for pot. Which meant she was a girl who might've been a little too much for innocent Peter Parker to handle.

Yeah I was aware of most of that. I guess my tongue in cheek didn't translate to type very well.

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