Jaie (jaie) wrote,

The Trailer Situation

As some may know, my trailer is the bane of my existence. It was bought on the understanding that is was an improvement on That 70's Trailer and it wasn't. Not by any stretch. First was the mold that began to appear the second winter in it. Then a separation between the push-out and the main part to the trailer reared it's ugly head. So for about 2 years now, I've dealt with no running water, a major leak inside, no walls, no cabinets in the kitchen, and just in general a ghetto appearance that has been more than depressing and a small contributor to an already fragile immune system.

When Tarquin went into boot camp for the NAVY, we had discussed what to do. Tarquin being Tarquin, he was supportive of any decision I decided to make. Another trailer was discussed, buying a house was discussed, or renovating this place. No matter what I decide, he will be helping me out financially with the decision since he assumes even when he's done with his career in the NAVY, he'll be living with me.

After talking to friends and family, I know that really, I can do any of those things. But, I have made the decision to stay. I've decided that while renovating may cost a bit, it's still cheaper than a down payment on a house or new trailer. I will still be watching for bargains in the housing and land market however. But, I have a low estimate so far on doing this place up of about $2500 and high estimate of 5 grand, both of which are still cheap considering that house or land can run $10 grand at minimum just for a down payment.

So, at some point I'll be taking measurements, hauling out my Google Sketch Up and designing the trailer again. I've never bothered with doing that, not because of any good reason, but because I had assumed it would always be like it is (room wise, not design wise) and I'm seeing it as my great chance to prove my design skills. I have a few ideas, some of them good, some not so much. 

While I still want a micro house, even they aren't cheap, running about $45 a square foot, and I can still do it, but while I try to do that, I may as well have someplace comfortable to live correct?
Tags: micro-housing, tarquin, tin can
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