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Fishy fishy by the Sea...

Well, not really. But since I'm sitting here waiting for some smelt to cook up, I figured I'd post.

Nothing really going on. Xmas was it's typical thing that I'm rarely into. I'd rather give my gifts to those I care about year round, not just one day a year. Now, Festivus on the other hand, well, I could totally get behind that concept.

But, I received a couple pairs of new sewing scissors, which was great because mine are hosed. Cutting fabric was really just chewing it apart. I spent more time ripping it than actually cutting it. First person who tries cutting anything but fabric with these will get stabbed with them.

I also received some spring form pans which makes me pretty happy. I like making icebox cake and that's a pain to do without a pan. I think as stuff gets done here I'll be building up my kitchen needs. Really, I have nothing except for some pans. Which has always worked, but it's hardly enjoyable.

I've been making purses lately. I also decided while making said purses, that a new machine in 2012 is mandatory.  I'm finding myself more and more limited in what I can do with my machine, a White Rotary. It goes forwards, and it goes backwards. And that's it. The bobbin winder is also fairly hosed and winding a  bobbin is a bit of a nightmare. After some searching around, the machine I like is the Brother Project Runway Embroidery Machine. While I could care less about Project Runway, I do like that this is a decent machine and I can download patterns for it to embroider without a 5 grand price tag. Or it'll be the SE 400. It just depends what I find cheaper, apparently they are the same machine.

Tarquin is doing well, he apparently did his boot camp "accelerated" and he's out faster and headed to A school. He also still hates Hello Kitty.

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