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Dress Diary - Dirndl Lolita Dress

Well, I finally want to sew again, although it might go slowly until I have fabric and stuff. So this entry is only going to be about my plans, and most of the progress may wind up on Facebook. I haven't decided yet.

OK, so I'm going to attempt what is called in the land of Lolita, a "JSK" which is a jumper style dress. I have no idea right now on fabric, other than this first attempt will be whatever is cheapest. If it works, I'll be investing in some serious Lolita fabric.

I noticed a long time ago, Lolita dresses look somewhat like dirndl. Not tons, there's basics to change, but in general, it's the same shape.

So, I've decided to use a pattern. And sadly, there are no patterns for Lolita clothing really except for in the Gothic Lolita Bibles which are expensive ($30 and up as high as $100 for certain issues) plus, the sizes aren't exactly on the large side for my 44" bust line.

Burda Style has a fairly decent dirndl pattern on their download site. They also carry a couple of paper patterns that are actually nice too, and it's not just the same pattern over and over, there's actually some variation to the bodice styles. The online pattern is the Wiesn Dindl #6038 and well worth the $4.00 because it goes quite large. (up to a US 22)

So, how do I come to the conclusion that Lolita and Dirndl have anything in common? Check out this old post on EGL.  So, I'll be using the bodice, making the skirt shorter and  slightly fuller, I may in fact use the bodice and then the skirt from McCall's 5631 which is I assure you, a Lolita skirt.

I had this printed at the copy shop by the way. In total about $16. Which about as much as I'd have spent on any other pattern since you aren't likely to find a dirndl pattern in the 99 cent Joanne Fabrics sale. So it about evens out with print at home patterns and commercial ones. Sometimes I save, other times I don't. What was nice was, they didn't have regular paper (it's thick white paper normally) all he had was parchment, so to the gasps of SCAdian scrollers the world over, my sewing pattern is on a 8 foot piece of vellum.
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