Jaie (jaie) wrote,

"Duh" Moments

You ever been looking on Etsy, and happened to think of something you wanted and in the next second, have a giant “duh, I'm a moron” moment? I had one tonight.

Among other things, I have a Blythe. Actually, she's a Basaak, which is the fake version of Blythe but having handled both, they're pretty darn close to equal. My doll, Æris, is really my filthy alter ego. But, never mind that. Point is, I love my little trampy doll, and I've made a few clothes for her, and she's got some fancy toys, including a fancy kotatsu from Rement. Everyone who knows me, knows Maude and Æris and give them their due as the household deities. These days, Maude is mostly retired. I've decided that while I adore the Obitsu bodies,  there's just something endearing about that giant head and great big googly eyes.  You can see Maude and Æris along with my mini Blythes, Michiru (Pet Shop) and Bia (Takara) on their own Facebook page along with seeing them here at Scale Adventures.

So, what is this about Etsy? Well, most know I sell on Etsy, as “Dirty Girl Designs”. Believe it or not, I don't do much doll stuff. I have little desire to do it like this, mostly because sewing clothes is a pain in the ass (even I mostly buy the clothes for my dolls) and I cast in resin and metal and shrink plastic so what possible skill could I use that for?

Duh. Pulls. See, Blythe have these little rings on them, they connect to a string that when you pull it, changes the eye color on the doll. I can not only make them out of resin, (which, there are actually several Etsy sellers who do this already) and I can make them from resin, and I can even cast them from metal if I'm feeling real ambitious. So keep watching, I'll soon be making and selling custom Blythe pulls!

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