In Which We Learn Michiru Has a Sister

Nothing much in the dollhouse world. Little projects here and there and that's about it. Oh, wait. I do have a new girl coming for the house. Unlike Michi this is a "real" Blythe. As in, she can be customized unlike Michi. Not that I will, it's more likely I'll just make sure she and Michi have some nice new clothes. She's got no name yet. We'll see when she gets here. She's a Petite Blythe Totally Tartan and no, I didn't pay even close to that for her.

In other Blythe news, I have a head coming. It's a Basaak head and I'm so OK with that I'm reverse snobbery about it. Much as I'd love a "real" Blythe again at some point, they are investment dolls.  I have to get this new head a body, I'm thinking another body like Maude's would be great and is my goal. I also have two extra heads coming for Obitsus. One is the 60cm but it and a 27cm head were only $7 so I grabbed them.

So this winter will hopefully mean some dolls and more on the crafting front. I'm thinking of making a bunch of glitter houses for swaps and extra gifts. I have to gather up my cardboard soon I suppose.

And yes, Tarquin (aka Pookie) is currently in boot camp for the US NAVY. Anyone who wants his address to send him mail, I'm sure he'd be very pleased. Just ask and I'll send it to you.
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I have a favor

I've entered a contest sponsored by IKEA USA my all time favorite place. (sadly they are not in our area) For $1,000 though, I'm willing to go to even New Jersey. Please, please, vote for me.

Please take a few seconds to vote!  


Petite Princess Love

As you might know more from personal experience than my blogging I'm a huge fan of the Petite Princess line. I only had three pieces though.
Recently I had remarked that my girlfriend had found a house in her garage attic and wanted to furnish it. I wanted to put in Arcade but she's actually starting to really eyeball the Tootsie Toy stuff and I mentioned in passing how I really liked PP. It's not to her taste though. But, a fellow group member says, "hey, I have extras give me shipping and they are your's. I figured one or two pieces. Nope. Check out what she sent.

As you can imagine, I'm giddy. I never expected this. So thank you to Maureen Fukushima from the Dream Dollhouses group on Yahoo. She really shook me out of some really bad depression with this.

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Yard Work

 So I managed to get a ton of yard work done with the help of  Tarquin and two of his friends. Took a couple days but now all that needs to be done in that part of the yard is stump removal. The sumac really took over in that area.  Hopefully we can get a couple more tools we need to work on more like a mower and a weed whacker. I currently have a machete and that really wiped out a lot of the mess so that we could get to the ground underneath.

So now I need to decide what to do with this new area. See, the brush that was there took up over 40 sq ft of space. It was pretty bad. It now makes the yard more even (or will when there is finally grass there)

There were some added benefits to cleaning it out.
The yard is more even. Before, I had sort of a choppy yard. When I moved in I became sick so I really didn't care, but now I'm outside more and I want as much of the yard as I can. I am not a fan of this "let it grow wild" shit. I have woods if I want it wild. (I ever mention I'm a huge fan of William and Mary style gardens?) But with this brush area gone the yard is now more square with and even. I'm not missing a massive chunk of front yard.

The dirt under there? Like silk. Rich and full of rotted vegetation that hadn't been cleaned out in the times I've been here. Unreal. That'll be dug up and moved into my raised garden bed I hope to grab Tuesday.
This is some of it. You can see it's pretty close to the trailer so really, it's usable as an outdoor living area. And no, I'm not speaking of the area in front of the propane tank. I'm speaking of what is to the left near that shed/outhouse.
THIS is the area. I consider from the pole back to the trailer "my" area. It's pretty much the center between the two trailers. (there is a single wide in front of mine) so while I cleaned the entire thing out and will finish doing so, I will only be maintaining what is from the pole back to my place.
I'm debating making a patio area. I was planning on putting my wood stove and a smoke house there, but I've changed my mind (of course) I think the back yard needs to be attacked next.
This is the back yard. As you can see, it's a real mess. By the way, that's my new compost pile you see there. But I think this is where my new smokehouse and the chicken coop are going to go. We're still waiting on pallets to build both things. And again, I really loathe the idea of a wild free range yard. Yards are cultivated. Lawns are cultivated. A wild mess belongs someplace else. I will be keeping a lot of what is here, but for the most part it will be squared off and will match what was behind my old trailer. This will make the lawn more square all over as opposed to cultivated on the right and sinister on the left.
The good news is that the trail that overgrew during my three years of being so sick has been attacked with the machete. So hopefully it'll be mowed better.
I think the sambucus trees are going to produce a lot thanks to all the rain this year. I need to clean this tree out though so we can get to it easier. There are a couple of these in the yard.
And the blackcaps (black raspberries for those convinced these are raspberries ) I think the rains are going to give record berries. But this is more stuff that needs to be cleaned up and organized. The berries luckily I think I know what I can do, it was done years ago on old orchards, a type of trellis. But there are so many I'd rather cultivate them and at the very least gather tons of  berries to can, freeze etc. Selling them would just be a bonus.
So, I really need the lawnmower, the weed whacker, and I wouldn't turn down more machetes and a chainsaw that isn't electric. I do have a rider but it's never run and really I should junk it but I've got faith it can be fixed.
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I've had so much going with the start of summer I've done very little work. Everything has been put on hold for other obligations,  so I haven't done half of what I wanted to for my Etsy Shop.


I did manage to change the banner (which after I finish this post I will be done here with the new header as well).


I want to concentrate on a few things. I feel that until I have the printer up and running, I want to back off from shrink plastic creations. I'm unsure just yet what this will be, but it won't be sewing I'm sure.


So, keep posted, I haven't stopped blogging or crafting, it's just been slow here.

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I get asked a lot if I work, have a job etc. The easy answer? Nope. I don't. I had this really fantastic nervous breakdown a while back, (which I don't suggest unless you're a true masochist) and since then haven't had to work a traditional job. I'm smart, I've finished high school, even done some college. Do I have assorted degrees? Sure don't. 

Yep it was a doozy of a breakdown. And feel free to judge me. I certainly do. Only fair others should. The more complicated answer? I do have a job. Several in fact. I do keep my home clean (I own it oddly enough) I educate myself, I also run an Etsy shop, and write freelance articles. I also have about 500 other hobbies that keep me busy and even make money for myself. Am I rolling in it? Nope. I live on less than a grand a month. Does it bother me? Sometimes.
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Rough night and thoughts on shrink plastic rings

An eventful night for me. I began getting stomach pains in the evening, and wound up in the ER in hellish amount of pain. By 1:30 AM they had filled me full of morphine and I slept until 6 when the pain began to start up again. More morphine, and I went home. Gall bladder has to come out and I got to talk to the surgeon on Monday. I've got percoset and some other pain meds, but I haven't had a twinge since this morning.

Other news, more of crafting nature, I attempted a shrink plastic ring. I'd found a tutorial but it wasn't much of one. I found a couple more though and I'm going to give it another try I'd like to do two different ring styles. One where teh entire ring is shrink plastic, the second a design glued to a ring base. I think that'll give me variety.

I also decided to purchase ring bases, just adjustable rings with a platform you can use for putting stones or beads. I was going to get a basic split ring base then I was confused as to what size meant what, but since I already know I want to work with split rings, as opposed to set sizes, and these are so cheap per 100, I can get a couple different sizes a long with the earring findings I was going to get. 

I was also reading one of the tutorials when something she said about a mandrel clicked in my head. If I can figure out the dimensions you need to cut each ring then a sizing mandrel would be a good thing to have to wrap the heated plastic around to make the ring that much closer to that size. So a size 8 would be cut at however many inches then fitted into a hopefully size 8 circle. Mandrels are fairly cheap so getting one'll be easy. Plus, a mandrel will make polishing the ring that much easier.
I've seen a lot of shrink jewelry, some of it not very good at all,  but I haven't seen many rings. Thank goodness kitsch is in I suppose.

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 I'm trying to work myself into a schedule so that I'm giving my Etsy the full attention it needs to make it.

I've decided on the following tentative schedule. Tentative because I still have a few supplies I'm short on.

Monday - Shrink plastic 10 pieces 
Monday -  Candy 20 pieces

Tuesday - Sewing 6 pieces
Tuesday - Crafting 4 pieces
Wednesday - Metal work 29 pieces
Wednesday - 
Thursday and Friday are listing days.
Today I used up what was left of some shrink plastic to attempt rings. Terrible. The formula is that each product shrinks 1/3. I had wanted to do a cuff bracelet, but after measuring my wrist and multiply by three I did not have. The second one committed suicide a la the ballerina in The Steadfast Tin Soldier. So I made a pendant instead, which is so freaking ugly I refuse to share it.

I'm down to then last of the organizing. I need to put all the hobbies together, I'm pretty tired of having to get the metal crafting tools from two closets or the doll-house supplies from two separate rooms, so I'll be making sure they are together as neatly as possible. I really need better shelving and containers.

Teeth love candy

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 So yesterday I decided to take off and go to a friend's house. So, I'm there now taking a break from what was left to clean. Which wasn't much. But, I kind of needed the break and she needed the company.  Of course, I'll probably head home to a gallon of water all over the floor.  Small price to pay I guess, at least now it's just hitting clean floor and not a cabinet. I do wish this rain would stop.

I'm debating bringing my picnic table into the house. It's a good sized table, (needs paint kinda bad) but I've used it before for crafts. I just hate bringing yet one more piece of furniture inside, but with this weather, I can hardly work outside.
So now that I have my new tools, I think my next will be a small nailer. Maybe a router. The Dremel has a routing ability, but until I figure it out, who knows. It probably isn't deep enough to do bigger woodwork, like dollhouses or bookcases. Nailer would be handy for those projects when I get to them. 
Waiting to see what this weather does. If it's clear I might be able to start on yard work once the house is considered clean enough.
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 More cleaning today. I've made vast inroads into what was left. I've spent the last 4 months cleaning, so when I say "I'm cleaning" it really means I'm just going through the last of things. I now have a  (mostly) clean spare room, a living room that takes all of 10 minutes tops to clean, and we can sit in the dining area if we choose. Most of what I've been doing is getting rid of more crap. This is all in aid of putting my stuff on a diet. 

The skunks attacked again last night. I've so far tried mothballs, ammonia and now I'm going to make a pepper spray that I've heard has good results.  It gets so bad I get woke out of sound sleep by the smell and it lingers for an entire day. Little fuckers. Seriously want to decapitate some skunks. 
Weird dreams last night. Someone apologizing, which left me in no doubt when I woke up it was just a dream.
I'm hoping I'll be done today with what's left for the trailer, I even have most of the yard done so I can sit back, and just quietly work on projects without having to worry that people can't walk in the kitchen. I'm hoping to be able to put in some kind of work area before too much longer but other stuff has a priority right now, and I can work at the table.